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Image-Based Simulation

Image-Based Simulation (IBSim) or modelling can have differing meanings depending on the context. In our cross-sector community, IBSim is used to mean “engineering simulations based on 3D geometry captured by some form of imaging technique”.

IBSim-4i 2024

21-25 October 2024, London, UK

IBSim-4i consists of: 2-day training course; 2-day users’ forum; 1-day R&D collaboration workshop. With keynote speakers, the focus will be on the multi-disciplinary aspects of image-based simulation and their applications in industry.

Find out how IBSim can transform your manufacturing and research

Our group’s main goal is to see wider use of the IBSim technique, particularly for industrial applications. Please get in touch if you would like to work with us for cases such as:

 • if you have an interesting R&D project that would make a good IBSim case study
• you’d like a customised IBSim solution developed for your industrial application
• you’re already working with IBSim and would like a new capability developed
• you’d like to integrate or test your software with our IBSim workflow

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